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Talk to us about your property loan requirements

Refinancing, Purchasing and Constructing any property for many of us will require a loan. The Principals are licenced Credit Advisors with their own licence and accredited with popular bank and non-bank lenders. We provide loans to Mum and Dad investors, Family Trusts and Self-managed super funds. You'll require advice on which loan is right for your personal situation. We can help and don't charge any fees.

Refinancing your home or investment property
The refinancing process is easy – we’ll help you every step of the way! First, you'll need to know which is the right product for you. We'll ask you to complete a fact find and in there you will tell us what your preferences are. These include your preference of fixed-rate vs variable rate, the term of the loan you'd like, the type of lender you wish for us to apply to, if you want an offset facility, low fees, what you wish to do with the equity release etc.
Purchasing a new home or investment property including SMSF
Whether you're looking to generate capital growth, rental income or potential tax advantages, we can tell you what you need to know and how to understand the financial and tax implications of buying an investment property. When buying an investment property will you be using your home equity, SMSF balance or personal savings to assist with your deposit? Perhaps you'll be financing your total property cost - deposit, stamp duty and other up front expenses? Different investment strategies and a loan structure that’s best for you with repayment strategies that could benefit you at tax time is discussed with our Credit Adviser. We'll show you how to save using home loan package discounts and lenders special offers.
Constructing a new investment property
A construction home loan allows you to save interest as you build a property. This is because these loans are paid to the builder progressively at the different stages, resulting in only paying interest on the amounts you've had to draw down. Do you buy a house and land package or a completed property? Perhaps its an off-the-plan purchase? Are you wanting to grow equity to buy more properties? To access new equity, do you buy an apartment, townhouse or house? What type of property do you buy for your SMSF? We'll provide you with a number of recommendations as to which property type is required to achieve your desired outcomes. While construction loans reduce the stamp duty payable, there is several months of interest expenses during construction. Let's talk!