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Invest smart. Build wealth. Retire early. Live free.

We're Financial Planners, Mortgage Advisors and Real Estate Principals operating throughout Australia.

We provide tailored financial plans, a wide range of products and financial advice on Self-Managed Super Funds, new investment property, SMSF-ready property, mortgages, NRAS, life insurance, wealth protection, superannuation, managed funds, risk, annuities, retirement and estate planning.

about better wealth

Who we are

Better Wealth Management is an independent Financial Advisory firm with offices in Brisbane and Perth. The Director is licenced to provide Personal Financial Advice, Credit Advice, Property Advice, Insurance Advice, Annuities Advice and Self-managed Super Fund Advice. We hold MBA's in Business, Diploma's in Financial Planning, Property and Mortgages, a number of Certificates, Specialisations and Accreditations in a range of areas.

What we do

We use the interplay of Financial Planning products, Residential Investment property, CrowdFunded property, Mortgages and Self-managed Superannuation to achieve the desired outcomes for our Clients. Using a range of fact finders for mortgages, property, insurances etc, our Advisors will recommend a range of tailored products and services to increase and protect Wealth, reduce income Tax, restructure existing and new Mortgages, provide appropriate levels of Life Insurances and review existing Superannuation.

Why use us?

We're holistic and aren't limited to using only Financial Planning Products that typically consist of Superannuation and Managed Funds. We use up-to-the-minute technologies not always available to all Advisors. That allows us to offer our Clients a wider range of services. These services include face-to-face meetings - online at a time of their choosing, comprehensive modelling of SMSF's - Retirement Planning, Aged-care and Life Insurance comparison quotes in real-time including personal and SMSF.

SMSF's Now in Operation with avg balance $1mil
people setup a SMSF each year to manage own investments
is the average retirement age for men
is the average retirement age for women


Introducing your advisors

Robert Kirk. mba | Dip.FP | Dip.FMBM

Director, WA Real Estate Principal, MFAA Credit Advisor, Financial Planner AR 408310 & Qld C.dec. Specialisations include SMSF's, Insurances and NRAS.

Jenny Best. mba | Dip.FP | Dip.FMBM

Operations Manager, QLD Real Estate Principal, Mortgage Manager, Accounts & Marketing. Specialisations include SMSF's, Insurances and NRAS.

Victoria | Laura | Letitia

Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bookkeeping Services, Accounting, Administration Support, Customer Support.

Products & Services Interplay

Comprehensive Range of Products

Residential Property Loans

Our Credit Licence permits us to provide loans to all types of borrowers and ideal for buying residential property, refinancing existing property, constructing property and purchasing off-the-plan SMSF property.

Residential Property Sales

Our Real Estate Licences in both Qld and WA permits us to provide all types of residential property. Many of our properties are designed for SMSF buyers and include NRAS tax incentives.

Managed Funds - Shares

We offer a mix of Australian and international shares, fixed interest securities, property securities and cash. May be ideal for your SMSF too!

Annuities and fixed Pensions

We offer Annuities that provide guaranteed regular incomes either for life or a defined period in return for a lump-sum investment. That investment does not have to come from a super fund.

CrowdFunded Property Investment

Investors can select 1 or more properties in which they would like to invest in across Australia and commit as much as they want towards the eventual purchase of the property.

Life Insurance Personal & SMSF

We have a wide range of insurance products to cover individual circumstances including Term Life, Total & Permanent Disability, Income Protection and Trauma both inside and outside of Super.


We show off our

Financial Planning 2011, Real Estate Principals 2008 (JB) & 2013 (RK) and Mortgage Management 2000. NRAS Property Sales 2011. Percentages shown are based on client feedback and internal records.

Repeat Buyers of Investment Property
Success rate of Loan Approvals
successful investment strategies to date

advisor mentoring support

We practice what we preach!

The Principals have investment properties with and without Gov't NRAS Tax Incentives, both inside and outside of their SMSF's to increase wealth. They use proven legal tax reduction strategies and more. Mentoring and monitoring year-after-year is available to clients.

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Online Presentations Ours & ATO


using smsf funds to buy property

For buyers wishing to have residential property in their SMSF's, it's likely a loan will be required. We've put together a video presentation courtesy of Doodler that explains the features of a SMSF and why a property loan is required.

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NRAS Tax Offsets & Negative Gearing

We demonstrate how the NRAS tax credits effect incomes and tax reduction. The more NRAS incentives you have, the lower your tax becomes. Refundable tax offsets reduce the amount of tax you pay after negative gearing has reduced the MTR.

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